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Slix Closer Boxer Brief Overview

Overview: Slix was started a few years ago as performance underwear for men who wanted something a little more classic, a little less constricting with some form and function to it. The Slix Closer Boxer Brief is constructed of frictionless polyester spandex fabric. And this fabric is one of the softest fabrics in the market. And it’s one of the reasons it has such a wide appeal with our customer. This garment is engineered to fit in a way where it stays in place all day. It’s not compression but it’s not loose either. It’s a perfect fit for staying in place. Slix reports that lots of consumers use this in active situations such as running, cycling, and sport’s activities. They also hear from executives and professional men who wear this under their work attire. It’s the kind of thing you can put on in the mornings and not have to take off until the end of the day and feel totally comfortable and never have to worry about your underwear.

Slix offers their Closer Boxer in a few different colors. Black, a classic navy, grey, and a classic white. Along the same lines of the Closer Boxer Brief is the Closer Trunk. The Closer Trunk is basically all the same form and features of the boxer brief, except of course this is a shorter garment. And this is very popular with younger customers. They offer that in black, again in grey and in white. Slix offers a very small collection, but very targeted to provide maximum comfort and performance in men’s underwear. For more information about Slix products and to view their entire product line, head over to their website.

Manufacturer: Slix
Product Name: Closer Boxer
MSRP: $26

Slix Closer Boxer Brief

Slix Closer Boxer Brief

Slix Closer Boxer Brief


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