Six Tips to Winterize Your Camper or RV

Six Tips for Winterizing Your RV or Camper

After you have traveled with friends and family through the summer in your recreational vehicle, you must take some steps to make sure it’s protected during the winter months. Winterizing your RV or Camper will make it easier to use when warm weather arrives, and protect it from damage throughout the colder months.

The Water System
If you don’t keep the vehicle inside a building that is heated, you will need to wrap the water pipes so the water inside doesn’t freeze. You can also drain all of the water from the pipes so it’s no longer an issue. The lines to an ice maker, dishwasher, and washing machine, (if the vehicle is equipped with them), should also be wrapped as well. An RV dealer like Fretz RV can offer more tips and ideas on how to winterize your camper and keep pipes in good condition.

Battery Maintenance
Even if you don’t use the camper or RV in the winter, you need to make sure the battery stays charged. Crank the vehicle through the winter so there is electricity still flowing. If the battery sits in temperatures that are freezing for long periods of time, it can lose its charge. Remove the battery and keep it in a warm area until you’re ready to use the vehicle again.

Keeping Animals Away
There might be a few animals who want to make the RV their home this winter, so look for ways to prevent them entering. Close off openings that are easy to access or flimsy. You should also put mouse traps in the RV or camper in case something does get inside.

It’s common for tires to lose some of their pressure when it gets colder. Add a little more air before cold weather arrives so there isn’t as much of a decrease over the winter months. A tarp is a good item to keep on hand so you can cover the vehicle and keep it somewhat protected against the colder temperatures, decreasing the amount of pressure lost in the tires.

Snow and Ice
If you leave the vehicle in the open for the winter, it’s best to keep some type of chemical on the windows to prevent snow and ice from building as easily. This will also make it easier to remove the winter precipitation when you clean the vehicle. If there is a large amount on the windows, it could cause the glass to crack.

Open the Vents
If you don’t want a musty smell in the vehicle when it’s ready to use, then keep the vents slightly cracked. Look online for tips on how far to open them so there isn’t too much cold air inside.

Your RV or camper is a vehicle that is exciting to use when the weather is pleasant. When it gets too cold to travel, there are some tips that you should consider in order to maintain it through the winter. These tips can help to keep small animals away, the water lines from bursting, and glass from cracking. Use a cover if possible, and store the vehicle in a garage for the best protection.