Scosche Boom Bottle Plus Overview

Overview: Scosche is a consumer electronic accessory brand and makes accessories for anything and everything, including Bluetooth speakers, mounts, cables, backup batteries. You can find their products at but this is the new Scosche Boom Bottle Plus. It’s a waterproof, dust proof speaker. It’s IP 67 rated. It can be submerged in water up to one meter. It’s got two 50 millimeter drivers and two passive radiator subwoofers.

It’s got a backup battery out feature as well. So if you need to charge your devices on the go you can do that and charge in as well. You can take two of these and pair them left and right to get stereo, which is a great feature. It’s shaped like a bottle to fit in water bottle cages on bikes, cup holders, and kayaks, canoes, pool toys, ATVs, side-by-side vehicles. The Scosche Boom Bottle Plus has a nice full, rich sound and an 11 hour battery life.

Manufacturer: Scosche
Product Name:Boom Bottle Plus

Scosche Boom Bottle Plus


Scosche Boom Bottle Plus