ruffwear bivy bowls

Ruffwear Bivy Bowls – A Must Have When Bringing A Dog Camping

If you have a dog, most likely you have taken it camping with you with either great success or total failure. Dogs are an extension of our family and naturally we want them to come camping with us, but a lot goes in to making sure it goes well for you and your dog. It is necessary to prepare camping gear for your dog, there are a lot of great dog camping and hiking gear out there. One thing we have come to love are Ruffwear Bivy Bowls. They are compact, easy to use and can stay in your camp box or backpack. Bivy bowls are sturdy, collapsible, fabric bowls that make bringing your dog camping or hiking easy. There are multiple kinds of bowls from Ruffwear.

Bivy Bowl

The first is the Bivy Bowl, the first in their line and it a simple, yet effective collapsible bowl holding around 60 fluid ounces of water.

Price: $24.95

Bivy Cinch

The Bivy Cinch is a genius idea for storing food. Instead of putting in a baggy, tranferring it to a bowl just use the bowl to store the food! The Bivy Cinch allows you to put kibble in and use the drawstring to close the bowl keeping the food safe inside. This is an awesome thing to have for a weekend of camping or a long hike.

Price: $29.95

Bivy Bota

The Bivy Bota is a hydration system for your dog. It’s a 2-in-1 system with reservoir and bowl. It allows you to carry water in the bowl and then dispense it as needed. Instead of always having to fill up the dog bowl with your water bottle, have the water already in the bowl and keep in locked in with the valve system. When your dog needs water, just open the valve push down and release some water. Once the dog is done, tighten the valve and throw out the excessive water.

Price: $29.95