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Road Trip Planner: How To Make The Most Of It

At 50 Campfires, we’re all about traveling and picking the perfect destination. There’s just something about getting out of your everyday life and planning an adventure to look forward to. But there are usually two areas we tend to dislike: getting there and leaving. Road trips to our favorite camping destinations or getaways are great, yet we tend to agonize over the long drives—especially if kids are involved. We’ve all heard the phrase “are we there?” more than we’d prefer.

Is there a way we can avoid the long, boring car rides? We think so. And we don’t mean by taking a plane. We wanted to build a quick road trip planner to help you make the most out of your limited vacation days. A way to enjoy the entire trip from start to finish, rather than just enjoying the destination. After all, the destination is great, but the process of getting there can be just as fun. Do yourself a favor and try these three things to make your entire adventure worthy of memory.

Pick Three Spots
Grab a map and find three places in between your starting point and your final destination. They don’t need to be national monuments (although, maybe they are). They can be as simple as a fun waterfall or a well-known family restaurant. Even if the place is a little out of the way and adds a bit of time to your travel it’ll be well worth it to enjoy your whole trip. Do the planning beforehand so you have a general idea of all the places you want to stop.

road trip planner

Pick Three Spots

Make Plans at Each Stop
As you find the locations you’d like to visit and stop at, plan out a few things to do while you’re in that town or area. Get creative! Even if you’re in a small town, call ahead to a few businesses to see what they recommend for travelers. It can be a super fun adventure to geocache in a new surrounding or visit a small waterfall that most locals wouldn’t find as appealing. Yelp and other guides can be great to find restaurants, antique stores, and other fun places that include reviews so you know what to expect when you arrive.

Document Your Trip
Lastly, document the entire trip. We know you love throwing photos up on Instagram of your campsite or the destination you traveled so many hours to get to. It will be great to look back on all the mini-adventures you took part in along the way. Take pictures and videos with the family at each location and while you’re driving. You’d be surprised at how far you really traveled by the end of your trip. Hopefully, you’ll be able to look back on your experience and feel the little mini-trips were just as enjoyable as the destination.

road trip planner

Take pictures!

It might seem like a hassle to drive a few extra miles and take more time out of your precious schedule. It’s a little odd to willingly take a longer route to get there, but maybe that’s the point. Maybe taking the long way and enjoying every moment will enhance your experience as a whole. You might just find that the unexpected detours made the trip what it was!


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