River Beer Cooling

Trying to keep your beer cold for days at a time can pose a real struggle. Instead of letting your beer sit in luke warm water that was once ice, we have a simple trick for you to keep your beer nice and cold with no ice! All you need is a river, a mesh dishwashing bag (we really like to use the mesh bag from Waterline Design pictured below), some kind of weight, and beer, of course.

For this River Beer Cooling trick, what you’ll do is put the beer cans in the mesh dishwashing bag and find a good spot in the river where you will remember where you put it (it’d probably be a good idea to not be drinking while finding a spot). Just simply put the bag in the water on the bottom and use some type of weight to help it sink. Attach some string to the bag and tie it onto a nearby branch/tree to prevent you from snorkeling for beer. This is the most simple and effective way to keep your beer nice and cool without using ice!

Note: Cans are always preferred when camping. If you must use bottles, makes sure the lake has a sandy bottom before submersing your six pack. 


River Beer Cooling