gear aid mirazyme

Remove Odors From Your Gear With Gear Aid MiraZyme

Camping season is over and you don’t see your tent until the next summer. Bet it doesn’t smell very good the first time you set it up for the season. Mildew smell, pet odor, mold odor and other unpleasant aromas can ruin expensive gear. We have found that Gear Aid MiraZyme works great to not only hide the smell but to actually get rid of it. There are plenty of cleaning agents you can use to cover up the unpleasant smell but that is just a mask, not a fix.

The power comes from the natural enzymes and microbes in MiraZyme that help to eliminate all of those awful smells your camping and hiking gear can acquire. We want to be able to use our gear for years not just one season, and Gear Aid MiraZyme can make that happen.

Price: $6.00

From The Manufacturer

  • All-natural odor eliminator
  • Enzyme-based formula removes odor and organic debris
  • Removes odors typically associated with mold, mildew, bacteria and algae
  • Safe for use on clothing, pets, footwear and outdoor gear
  • Bio-degradable solution penetrates into the pores of fabric, rubber and even hard surfaces to eliminate odor naturally
  • Perfume-free; does not mask odors
  • Environmentally-friendly formula