Ravean Heated Jacket: Kickstarter Alert

Clothes can only do so much to protect you from the cold, and when the temperature drops you need more than a flask of your favorite beverage to keep you warm. We’ve seen heated jackets before, and always thought the idea seemed good; but are they worth it? Ravean wants you to love their line of heated hoodies, jackets and vests, and to sweeten the deal they’ve included a 5v or 12v battery pack that can pull double-duty by charging your phone. Since you’re going to need a battery to keep the jacket warm, why not charge your devices while you’re out camping, hiking or going back-and-forth from work?

Ravean’s apparel fits in just as well in the office as it does on the trail, and that’s why we’re excited for this product. According to Ravean’s KickStarter, the battery gives a solid 10 hours of heat on low. The hoodie and vest are rated to be worn from 10F to 55F and the jackets are rated for -4F to 55F. That’s some serious cold for a lightweight down jacket. Stay warm this winter and check out Ravean.