Raen Sunglasses Review

We’ve had a lot of sunglasses over the years. Some we loved, some we just couldn’t stand. We have recently started wearing Raen Sunglasses and have been super impressed. This is what handmade, protective sunglasses are all about. The Raen Squire Sunglasses we’ve been wearing, meet all of the criteria that we look for. They even go above and beyond our expectations with their AR 5+ lens coating. That is 5 layers of coating on the inside of the lens which eliminates blurs, distortion and reflection giving you the most crystal clear lens you could ever imagine.

raen sunglasses

Raen Squire Sunglasses

But it doesn’t stop there, the frames are made out of Zyl Acetate making them strong, lightweight and chip resistant. Have you ever bought a pair of sunglasses, wore them for a week then watched them shatter the second they hit the ground for the first time? Well we have and that is why we love that Raen Sunglasses uses the high quality material that they do. We love that most of their lenses use a brown tint or are polarized for ultimate protection.

raen sunglasses

The Raen frames are made out of Zyl Acetate making them strong, lightweight and chip resistant

When we say these are made with the highest of quality and craftsmanship, we aren’t kidding. With no assembly line, each pair of Raen Sunglasses are handmade from the cutting of the frames to the placing of the screws. This undivided attention, creates truly one of a kind sunglasses. Being a classic-driven boutique eyewear brand, Raen Sunglasses can offer collections based on their own adventures and inspirations.

Not only are the Raen Squire sunglasses near the top of the line for true protection but they are also stylish. A throwback to the 1950′s sunglasses that James Dean donned, the Raen Sunglasses collection is a modern classic for men and women that are just what you have been searching for.

Price: $180