Nature’s Coffee Kettle- The Best Instant Coffee While Camping

The best part of waking up in that chilly tent, wrapped in a sleeping bag is knowing that a cup of coffee is in your future. Hopefully your near future. But people tend to skip their morning caffeine fix because they don’t have the luxury of their programmable, 40 setting, coffee maker. Nature’s Coffee Kettle is out to change that with what we consider the best instant coffee we’ve had while camping. Mostly because it isn’t what you would think of instant coffee, it’s real. Made with 100% arabica grounds.

What is Nature’s Coffee Kettle Coffee?

Nature’s Coffee Kettle makes coffee for on the go folks, who still need that caffeine pick me up. Nature’s Coffee Kettle makes instant brew pouches with handles to pour and a resealable spout. The bag has everything you need (except boiling water) to make an excellent cup of joe. The coffee comes in a filter bag in which water is poured over to create this handy bag of coffee.

best instant coffee

Nature’s Coffee Kettle makes instant brew pouches with handles to pour and a resealable spout

How Does Nature’s Coffee Kettle work?

To make great tasting coffee all you need to do is pour, wait and enjoy. It really is that simple. This compact bag has everything you need to make 4 piping hot cups of coffee in a extremely thin pouch. We found that making this coffee while camping was super simple. Just use your camp stove to heat up the recommended 4 cups of water. Once hot, just take the spout off the bag, open the ziploc and pour first cup of water in, over the filter with coffee. You then let that sit about a minute to get through the filter. Once completed add the remaining cups, seal the bag and let steep 3-5 minutes. You can even vary how strong you’d like it to be. For extra bold coffee, on that chilly morning at the campsite, just pour the water through twice. Keep the bag sealed and tip it upside down to get the water back through the filter.

best instant coffee

To make great tasting coffee all you need to do is pour, wait and enjoy


We first used Nature’s Coffee Kettle when we were winter camping. Winter camping makes warm coffee that much more important. Both my husband and I were impressed with just how compact the bag was. It pretty much lays completely flat except for a slight bulge where the coffee and filter are. This makes it extremely easy to pack, way easier than french press or full blown coffee maker. If you are backpacking and weight is a concern the bag only weighs 1.2 ounces and I can guarantee it is worth it to bring it. But the real test was if it was going to make us good coffee, easily and quickly. On all fronts I have to say it did. My husband was a little skeptical at first because of his quick judgement of “instant coffee” but as he read on the package he was about to make 100% Columbian coffee. And he was not disappointed.

best instant coffee

Nature’s Coffee Kettle

The fact that is so easily makes 4 cups of coffee is invaluable. Instead of having to heat water multiple times, and strain it through different filters, you can heat all of the water up, pour it in to the pouch and let it work its magic. We also loved that you don’t have to then transfer it to pour. The bag comes equipped with handles and resealable spout to make pouring coffee easy. As I said we were winter camping and it was a bit chilly that morning, but our coffee stayed warm through the 4th cup, which is impressive.

The Key Points

  • The Nature’s Coffee Kettle bag is so compact, easy to store in your camp box and is ready to use in seconds
  • The coffee is real. Not a chalky, watered down version of what should be coffee. They aren’t lying when they say they use real coffee beans
  • It’s resuseable. You can buy new filters for the bags and continue to use the same pouring bag. That is genius and environmentally conscious

You may think you would have to pay a premium for coffee so easy to make on the go, but you don’t. Nature’s Coffee Kettle is affordable, costing right around the same price as the average cup of coffee and about half the amount of a coffee shop’s coffee. Ranging from just $4.99-$5.99 per bag, you really have no excuse for passing up your morning cup of joe while camping.