nature's coffee kettle

Nature’s Coffee Kettle Makes Great Instant Hot Chocolate for Camping

Most people love to wake up camping and have a warm cup of coffee. But even if you don’t like coffee it is still nice to have something warm to sip, on a chilly morning at the campsite. Nature’s Coffee Kettle not only makes great coffee in a bag but they also make great tea, cider and hot chocolate. It is so easy to make and truly makes prying yourself away from that sleeping bag easier.

What is Nature’s Coffee Kettle

Nature’s Coffee Kettle makes coffee and other hot beverages for on the go folks, who still want a warm beverage while enjoying the outdoors or sitting at a soccer game. Nature’s Coffee Kettle makes instant brew pouches with handles to pour and a resealable spout. The bag has everything you need (except boiling water) to make an excellent cup of hot chocolate, tea or cider. With the hot chocolate, you will see the powder near the bottom of the bag, just pour water in to create a handy bag of warm hot chocolate.

nature's coffee kettle

Pour water in to create a handy bag of warm hot chocolate

How Does Nature’s Coffee Kettle Hot Chocolate Work?

To make great tasting hot chocolate all you need to do is pour, wait and enjoy. It really is that simple. This compact bag has everything you need to make 4 piping hot cups of hot chocolate in an extremely thin pouch. All you need is the Nature’s Coffee bag, hot water and a mug. To get it rolling we used our camp stove to heat up the 4 cups of water. If I were to make on recommendation, it would be to use only 3 cups of water if you like your hot chocolate to be a little more on the chocolatey side. Once you have boiling water, just take the spout cover off, open the ziploc and pour the water in to the bag. Reseal the ziploc and spout and let is sit for 5 minutes. During those 5 minutes you can get started on a great campfire breakfast!

Nature's Coffee Kettle

To make great tasting hot chocolate all you need to do is pour, wait and enjoy


The first time we used Nature’s Coffee Kettle was when we went winter camping. It certainly was a chilly morning and it was nice to have a warm cup of hot chocolate to take the chill out of our bones. One thing we noticed and really liked was the compactness of the bag. It can lay completely flat, except for a very small bulge where the powder is. This makes packing it in the camp box easy, you can grab a few and know they are always in there. We also liked the all in one function, it creates the hot chocolate and also distributes it with a handle on one side to hold and a resealable spout on the other to pour. The amount of hot chocolate you get out of such a small bag is incredible, around 4 cups! What you don’t want is to get halfway through and find out that the hot chocolate is now cold. We were winter camping and between the two of us drinking it, we never experienced cold a cup. Overall, you just can’t beat the ease of use while you are camping, hiking or on the go.

nature's coffee kettle

Nature’s Coffee Kettle

The Key Points

  • The compact size makes it a no brainer to throw in to your camping box
  • The design of the bag is well thought out, and very functional. The resealable ziploc, easy to pour handle and closeable spout are a great design
  • It’s resuseable. You can buy more hot chocolate, put it in and continue to use the same pouring bag. That is genius and environmentally conscious

The price is also right. You may think you would have to pay a premium for an easy to make, on the go, hot chocolate, but you don’t. Nature’s Coffee Kettle is affordable, costing right around the same price as the average cup of hot chocolate, tea or cider and about half the amount of a coffee shop’s version. Ranging from just $4.99-$5.99 per bag, you really have no excuse for passing up your a warm cup of hot chocolate while camping.