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Did You Know That Morels Are Common at Burn Sites?

If you’re lucky, your state has a map like this one in Michigan! This morel mushroom report will be a valuable tool for finding a good hunting ground. Mushrooms are fungus and fungus loves to feed on dead vegetation, so what is better than a forest that has recently undergone a controlled burn or wildfire? We know serious morel seekers never talk about their favorite spots. It’s kinda like rule number one in Fight Club. Never talk about Fight Club. That said, this map was too good to pass up.

Michigan’s DNR Morel Mushroom Report 

While heavily concentrated in the midwest and New England areas of the country, morels have been found in nearly every state. Newcomers to the morel mushroom community are hard pressed to find a good hunting spot that has not already been claimed, but if you live in Michigan we’ve found the ultimate tool for finding a good spot to hunt. Forests with moist ground, decaying trees and moss are great places to find morels, but even better is a section of forest that endured a substantial fire the previous year. This is where the Michigan DNR comes into play. They have compiled a list of locations where wildfires and controlled burns occurred in 2015, making those locations prime spots for morel mushroom hunting. These aren’t small burns either. Each location listed on this interactive map is at least 10 acres in size, with some over 100 and even 500 acres.

Click here or on the image to check out this interactive map.

morel mushroom report-Michigan DNR

Michigan’s DNR Morel Mushroom Report

What do Morel Mushrooms taste like?

Morels have a meaty, earthy flavor. To bring out their natural flavor many fans suggest sautéing them in garlic butter or covered in a light batter. You can also chop them up to mix into scrambled eggs or replace common store bought mushrooms in sauce poured over a good steak.