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Mia Melon One Man Outerwear : Kickstarter Alert

We know it’s summer and a weatherproof jacket may be far from your radar, but this is worth your time!

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One Man Outerwear weatherproof jacket

Take a minute to consider Mia Melon and One Man outerwear, as they’re about to blow your mind with their brand new products. This October they will release their first ever men’s line of highly functional and fashionable weatherproof jackets. Stemming from their original line of women’s coats through Mia Melon, One Man Outerwear is here to supply all you men with just what you need. The jackets have the look and feel of street wear, but perform like an expensive camping jacket. Best of both worlds!

They’ve been producing and shipping weatherproof fashion coats all over the world since 2011, but wanted to step it up a notch this year. They’ve gone through extreme testing to make sure that One Man Outerwear products will keep you warm, dry, and in style. Each jacket is 99.9% waterproof with a cozy micro fleece liner and is made from a highly fashionable shell that is offered in a variety of styles and colors. You’ll no longer be forced to wear those sporty, bright, big logo’d camping or ski/snowboard jackets.

One Man Outerwear Waterproof

Each jacket is 99.9% waterproof.

Each jacket will retail for $200, but you can get your very own jacket for as little as $99 if you back their Kickstarter campaign. If you support now you’ll receive your jacket just in time for fall. Plus, you’ll pay less!

Support One Man Outerwear and their Kickstarter campaign here.