Meet The Thuggies

I can’t tell a lie.
When I started reading the press release that came across my desk for “Thuggies”, I started shaking my head. I mean – really? An oversized hoodie built for summer nights outdoors? Our readers are going to think that we’ve lost our minds.

Somewhere between agreeing to try the product out, and last Wednesday night – my perception of the Thuggie completely changed. It went from an oversized hoodie to a product that my kids fell in love with – and I couldn’t convince them to take off.

Meet : The Thuggie.

To be clear, the Thuggie is the grown-up version – while my children came to love the “Thugglet”. This product goes beyond clever naming conventions and silly pictures of men with their pants around their ankles (although it’s true, you could wear a Thuggie without pants). There’s just something about wearing an oversized, comfy hoodie that’s relaxing.

While spending the weekend at the lake, I decided to introduce my kids to the Thugglets. They’d been swimming and fishing all day, and it was about time to eat dinner. My kids know that when the swimming suits come off, they’re unlikely to come back on. I know that a wet kid is a cranky and cold kid. Rather than changing them back into their clothes, I pulled the Thuggies over their heads to immediate applause (virtual, of course). My four-year-old daughter just about lived in hers from that point forward. It became the alternative to a blanket – and gave just enough coverage to forego pants. My seven-year-old used his as a fishing cover-up, often wearing it through light rain, explaining to me that he wasn’t cold – and in turn, wasn’t going to leaving the fishing dock.

Overall, Thuggies and Thugglets get a big thumbs up from me. If you can handle stepping a bit outside of the fashion norm – especially when enjoying a day outside, the Thuggie is for you.

Check out Thuggies (and Thugglets) here!