Make This Ultralight Firestarter Kit From Stuff Laying Around The House

This lightweight firestarter kit will only take you a few minutes to make. It takes up almost no room in your jacket pocket, and comes in handy if you need to start a quick fire.

cotton swab dipped in petroleum jelly

Ultralight Firestarter Kit

I’m sure you have these things laying around your house. All you need are a few cotton swabs, an empty lip balm container, some petroleum jelly, and a scissors.

Put the cotton swabs in the container and use the cap to make sure you don’t cut them too long. Then you just dip them in petroleum jelly, put them in, and put the cap on. That’s it. You have a handy firestarter that weighs almost nothing that is easy to make and use. One cotton swab tinder will burn for 45 seconds, which is plenty of time to get that fire going.

cotton swab tinder

Cotton Swab Tinder