Little Luxury Portable Water Cooler Overview

Overview Little Luxury aims to bring luxury and innovative technology to water filtration and cooling systems. They’re the first of its kind to develop a patented mini water cooler that both filters tap water and cools the water efficiently. Their products are not only made for efficiency and cleanliness, but also accessibility and portability.

What Makes It Unique The Little Luxury Portable Water Cooler can be used with a dual battery or an electric operation. The bottle is a spill-free BPA-free bottle that maintains a temperature of 46 degrees. It is built with the outdoors in mind coming with a robust outdoor-friendly kit. It weighs a little under 8 pounds and can carry 1.85 gallons of water.

Manufacturer: Little Luxury
Product Name: Portable Water Cooler
MSRP: $149.99


Little Luxury Portable Water Cooler


Little Luxury Portable Water Cooler


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