50 Campfires Playlist

What We Are Listening To: March

At 50 Campfires we take turns each week with taking over the controls that power the music and vibe in the office. The Grammy’s were last month and inspired this playlist with all nominees of the prestigious award. I apologize to Kanye that Beyonce did not make my list – sorry, brah.

#WhoIsBeck? Beck is an amazing artist and yes, I know who he is. Did you know he wrote his entire album that won a Grammy and played all the instruments? We all know Pharrell’s Happy song, but Brand New is less annoying and features JT. Jack White’s Lazaretto is simply awesome and so is the title track. Arctic Monkeys are one of the few British bands to make it big in the US in recent years and have been a fan for years. Black Keys is a band you should already be listening to. Always had a crush on Haley Williams from Paramore and her bright hair. U2 is U2 and still making great music. Alt – J made another great record with This Is Yours. I wonder if the #WhoIsBeck? folk know who Arcade Fire is? Eminem is a rap god and the song is pretty good too.