liberty bottleworks

The Liberty Bottleworks Water Bottle Is Pure American

Liberty Bottleworks makes a great all metal water bottle, made right here in the United States. Yakima, Washington to be exact. From day one this company has been dedicated to making great, BPA free water bottles from recycled aluminum.

The inside of the bottles are BPA free lined and are flexible so if you do dent the bottle you would still be in good shape. There are few different caps to choose from, the sport cap allows easy drinking, and their original cap is customizable with quite a few colors to choose from. The design on the Liberty Bottleworks bottles is what really sets it apart. They have hundreds of designs from mass transit artwork to sports themes and freedom prints. The shape of the bottle helps it pour easily in to your mouth, instead of all hitting you at once and flowing all over your shirt.

Price: 24 oz – $19
32 oz – $20

See the Liberty Bottleworks Water Bottle in action