LexnGo Silicone Collapsible Mug and Soup Box

LexnGo Silicone Collapsible Coffee Cup and Soup Box

Packing for camping can be a pain, you’re trying to fit as much as possible in to your camp box, but nothing seems to stack correctly. That’s why we love the products from LexNGo. Right here, we have the LexnGo Collapsible Coffee Cup. Coffee cups are impossible to stack, we love that this collapsible mug stacks super easy. We also love that it doesn’t’ take up much space. Even though we’re headed out with the family car camping, we still don’t like to spend 2 hours packing the vehicle because we have so many camping boxes and luggage. Probably the best thing about the LexnGo Collapsible Mug is that it isn’t going to break at your campsite. It can hold hot and cold items and is comfortable to drink out of. Being under $10 it’s a no brainer to store a few of them in the camp box.

LexnGo Silicone Collapsible Cup and Soup Box

LexnGo Silicone Collapsible Coffee Cup and Soup Box

Another product we’re digging is the LexnGo Silicone Collapsible Soup Box. In the fall we love to make soups while camping, it is easy to just put it in any bowl. But hard to find a good container to put leftovers in. We have started using the Soup Box and found it works really well for storing soup, noodles, even cereal. If you are camping in an RV where you would have access to a microwave you can use it to heat up soup. We have always liked to use it to store soup after we have made it over our camp stove. The lid is easy to use and is airtight. All you do is just snap the sides down and it locks in place. The LexNGo Silicone Collapsible Soup Box is under $14, stores easily and has come in handy for us at the campsite.

Price:$13.99 Collapsible Soup Box

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