The Lansky 4 Rod Turn Box Is Affordable And Keeps Your Knives Razor Sharp

The Lansky 4 Rod Turn Box is a great addition to your camp box. It’s only $17 on Amazon and works great everything from pocket knives to fillet knives. I even use it to keep a razor sharp edge on my axe at the campsite. The gray rods are 600 grit and are for sharpening and the white rods are 1000 grit for polishing. There are two positions available for the rods – 20 and 25 degrees. For camp knives and even axes I would recommend 25 degrees. 20 degrees requires a little more maintenance and is best for kitchen and filet knives. If you’re looking for an affordable sharpener to toss in the campbox it’s hard to beat the Lansky 4 Rod Turn Box.