Lake Chicot State Park – Lake Village, AR

Lake Chicot State Park sits on the northern end of Lake Chicot, Arkansas’s largest natural lake. It’s an oxbow lake, which means that many years ago it used to be a natural part of the Mississippi River. Over time, the river naturally rerouted, leaving a 20-mile long lake that is now a popular recreation destination.  Visitors commonly catch crappie, bream, and bass, and the more adventurous can even hop in the water and noodle for catfish. We met a thrill-seeking family that has been catching catfish by hand in Lake Chicot for many years. The park also offers pontoon tours that are popular with bird watchers.

Visitors camp tent camp, stay in a class AAA RV site or even enjoy one of 14 cabins. Check out our review of the Lake Chicot Cabins here. The park is also well known for its splash pad and pool area, which is a life saver if you decide to visit in the summer. If you’re looking to get out on the water, you can rent kayaks, flat bottom boats, and even the pontoon. The marina had food, gifts and bait for sale, which saves you a drive into the nearest town. The visitors center also has an exhibit of local wildlife and an interactive area for programs. Lake Chicot is a relatively small park that makes use of a 20-mile lake as it’s backyard. If you like to be on the water, you’ll love this park.