Kershaw Link: Review

When I head to the campsite, I inevitably find myself wondering which knife I should grab. Like a lot of folks that spend time in the outdoors, I have a drawer full of knives that I like for different reasons, and it can be hard to pick. The other issue is that I fly and camp a lot, so it’s in my best interest to choose just one. On my last trip, I knew I’d be practicing some primitive fire building skills, but I also wanted a folder because it would be easier to tote around. Specifically, I wanted a robust folder with a beefy blade that I could bear down on if need be. I ended up taking the Kershaw Link on the trip, and I’m happy to say that it performed quite well.

The Kershaw Link has just enough heft to it and feels rock solid in the hand. It has a 3.25 inch 420HC BlackWash stainless steel blade. The BlackWash finish looks fantastic. It gives the blade an almost bushcraft aesthetic that I really like. It has higher amounts of carbon and chromium the make it harder and more resistant to corrosion, which is ideal for anyone spending a lot of time on the trail. The handle is aluminum, and while that makes it a bit lighter, it’s not too light. My personal preference for a camp knife is one that has a little bit of weight to it. It feels safer in my hand, and I’m not worried about giving it a workout.

The most fun feature of the knife is hands-down the SpeedSafe assisted opening. If you own an assisted open knife, you know what I’m talking about. You end up opening and closing it fifty times before you even use it. The open is smooth and fast, but it’s also quite functional. The ability to safely and quickly open the Kershaw Link with one hand is vital. It just makes everything easier. The pocket clip can be moved to either side for right or left-handed carry as well. There’s also a lanyard hole if that’s your thing. Some people prefer that type of carry around the campsite, and some think it looks cool to have some paracord attached. I week and found it to work well. Last but not least, the Kershaw Link is manufactured right here in the USA, in their factory in Oregon. That still means something, and they’ve given it the model number of 1776 to make it even more special. If a larger fixed-blade camp knife isn’t quite your speed, this might be the perfect fit for you. It will easily take care of everything you need to get done around camp, and it’s still quite portable.