Keep Your Phone Safe And Your Beer Cold With The CoolBag

I hate worrying about my stuff at the beach.

I love hanging out at the beach in the summer. Lying in the sun listening to music with a cold beer is pretty much the best thing ever. The part that I don’t like is what happens when I want to go for a swim. My phone, money, bluetooth speaker, and beer is just sitting there. I end up either constantly eyeballing it or cutting the swim short because I’m worried about it.

The cooler makes the bag.

The folks from CoolBag came up with a solution for all of this. They just released generation 2 of their “anti-theft, recreational travel bag.” It’s a large tote full of pockets that has a cooler in the bottom and a handle that doubles as a lock. I like this a lot. I can wrap it around a tree or bench and not worry about it. If I fall asleep, no big deal. If I’m on a floatie for an hour, no big deal. The waterproof, cut-resistant lining means that my valuables are going to right where I left them. The cooler means that the beer and wine will stay chilled all afternoon. You can find this, plus all their other cool (see what I did there?) products, on their website.


The cable handle attaches in side the bag.


Handle easily detaches to secure the bag.


The locking zipper keeps your items safe and sound.


The shoulder straps come in handy for longer distances.