Keep Your Phone Free Of Grime with SmartSleeves

We bring our phones everywhere. To the beach, campsite, hiking trail and on the water. But we tend to forget to protect it from all of the elements and then wonder why it stopped working. SmartSleeves was created to prevent that from happening by making a crystal clear bag for your smart phone that keeps water, dust, dirt, and grime away from your expensive smartphone. SmartSleeves fits mostly every phone whether you have a case on it or not. We like that it is not bulky, almost form fitting which helps you forget that it is even there!

SmartSleeves are very affordable which makes it a no brainer to have a few lying around for those situations where you’re heading outdoors and could use the extra protection.

Price: Pack of 6 for $6.95

“SmartSleeves are ideal for many challenging environments. Just slip it on and zip it up to give your phone the extra protection you need.”