iStabilzer Flex

With The iStabilizer Flex You Can Take Pictures Anywhere

Most of us go camping with our smartphones, admit it, these incredible devices rarely leave our sight. We use them for everything from searching the internet, keeping up on social media, playing games or taking photos and videos. Most people solely use a smartphone for all their needs, including their camera. We have become accustomed to awesome looking photos straight from our phones and the iStabilizer flex makes it even easier to capture incredible images.

The iStabilizer flex has soft, flexible legs that allow it to wrap around nearly anything. Your phone can remain in a case and will attach via stretchable mount. It allows you to easily take photos of you and your friends with out constantly asking someone to take a picture for you. The iStablizer is very small and can easily fit in your pack on your hike or in your bag when you are traveling. It also comes in a variety of sizes from their standard to a slightly bigger mount to fit android and tablet smartphones. They even have a tablet mount to work with iPads, Android or Window devices. The iStabilizer is such a great way to capture non-blurry images anywhere!

Price: Standard- $29.95

See the iStabilizer Flex in action