iPhone Party Games For Rainy Days

It happened. It’s raining and you’re stuck hanging out in the tent…

You’re in luck! Here are three iPhone party games that are fun for small groups.

1. Heads Up

You’ve probably played this before, and if you haven’t you’re in for a treat. You hold the phone up to your head, and the rest of the group tries to get you to guess the word. The kicker? You’re phone also records the reactions of everyone playing so you can watch it after. It’s a blast.

2. Not The Hole Story

Think you’ve played all of the iPhone party games? How about one about lateral thinking puzzles? This game challenges you to think in new ways to try and solve a problem, and you get three clues to help you figure it out. Here’s an example:

“Rex enjoyed traveling the world, he rode into a nice western town on Friday. He liked the town and stayed for three days, but then left on Friday. How is this possible?”


3. Would You Choose To

If you want to shake things up a bit and aren’t afraid of having some very odd conversations, this is the game for you. It’s not really a “game” per se. It’s a collection of either/or questions that will really make you scratch your head. Sure, some of them aren’t that provocative. But some of them are great.

The only rule we use here is that if you’re going to read a question out loud, everyone must pick one of the options – even the reader. It’s even more fun to ask people to defend their answer. For example, would you rather have fingernails as hair, or have hair as fingernails? They’re both terrible…but you have to pick.

Which iPhone party games did we miss?