Incipio xGo

Incipio xGo for iPhone 5

The Incipio xGo for iPhone 5 has a Go Pro compatible mount with a crossover latch that securely seals the case shut. This is a super stylish case that looks rugged and ready for anything, mostly because it is. It is made out of co-molded Plextonium and Flex20, and has a tempered glass front, which provides its rugged protection. The Incipio xGo is also waterproof and will maintain its functionality up to 25 feet under water. This case mounts easily to bikes, backpacks, SUP boards, or inflatable kayaks and can easily record all of the action. One of the best features of this case is the interchangeable lenses which includes a screw-in wide angle, fish eye, macro and zoom. This iPhone case is rugged and seems up to any adventure you could put it through.

Features from the manufacturer:

1. Interchangeable camera lenses – includes wide-angle lens.
2. GoPro compatible mount.
3. Crossover latch securely seals case shut.
4. Tempered glass front.
5. Co-molded Plextonium™ and Flex2O™ for rugged protection.