Incipio Skiff Case

Incipio Skiff Case for the Samsung Galaxy

Samsung may have started to make waterproof phones but they still won’t float. Incipio has come out with a great new product for the waterproof Samsung Galaxy S 4. The Incipio Skiff case for the Samsung Galaxy is like a life jacket for your phone. It is a unique, buoyant and soft cell foam material. It will help absorb shock and keep your phone afloat in water. The case also comes with an adjustable lanyard that can attach to your wrist or watercraft. It is very comfortable in your hands even though it is larger than the phone. The Incipio Skiff case will come in multiple colors and is a great investment to protect your waterproof phone.

Features from the manufacturer:

1. Unique, buoyant, soft cell foam material keeps your device afloat and absorbs shock from bumps and drops.
2. Comfortable, ergonomic hold provides added protection and grip