If You Don’t Have A Full Rain Suit For Camping…Get One

Is it possible to enjoy camping in the rain?

Well, like anything, preparation is key. If you have a full rain suit (and waterproof hiking boots) you can actually have a good bit of fun in the rain. Pants make all the difference in the world. Sure, a jacket is great, but you can’t sit down on anything if you just have jeans on. A rain suit for camping allows you to do all of your camping tasks with the same comfort. Gathering wood, sitting on a wet picnic table, and walking through dense forest are all easily done.

I’m a big fan of Frogg Toggs. You can get a full suit for about $35 and the material is a soft, almost cloth-like texture. It makes it quiet and comfortable. It also doesn’t get as clammy on the inside, like traditional plastic rain suits tend to do.

50CF Tip: Keep your rain suit in your car, not your camp box in the garage. Wherever you are, your car is probably with you, so you’ll always be prepared. 


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