make a water bowl for your dog

How To Make A Water Bowl For Your Dog

If you are a dog owner, you know they very quickly become a part of the family. This means when you go camping, your four-legged friend is jumping in as well. We have done some tips on the Tips for camping with dogs, but we are well aware that sometimes things get forgotten. The #1 thing that people forget for their dog is dishes. It just gets lost in the shuffle and never put in the car.

how to make a dog water bowl

DIY Dog water bowl

If you happen to forget your dogs bowls, we have a solution to make a water bowl for your dog. All you need is a gallon water jug and a knife. You should have some source of water at your site anyways. We always suggest bringing 1 gallon jugs of water or 5 gallon container to hold larger capacities. To easily make the water bowl, just off the top part of the container (cut underneath the handle) and you instantly have a make shift water bowl that your pup can use all weekend long.