How To Choose The Best Camping Knife

The web is full of discussions about the right knife. You’ll find endless, heated battles in forum after forum about the best steel, handle, blade shape, length, and so on. My goal here is to help you choose the best camping knife. On a typical camping trip you could be doing any of the following:

  • Dicing potatoes
  • Slicing tomatoes
  • Sharpening marshmallow sticks
  • Cutting rope
  • Whittling a flute (wow, look at you…)
  • Digging out a sliver
  • Mincing garlic
  • Fighting a black bear (remember, play dead for grizzlies)

As you can see in the video, I feel that the right camping knife for a wide variety of tasks is a 4-5 inch folder. It’s easy to manage and still has enough heft for simple food prep. In my opinion that makes it the best camping knife.

What knife is in YOUR camp box?

best camping knife

Choose The Best Camping Knife