gregory tempo backpack

Gregory Tempo Backpack Overview

The Gregory Tempo Backpack 8, 5 and 3 for men and the Gregory Pace Trail Running Backpack 8, 5, and 3 for women all employ the patented Wraptor stabilizer technology for a gender-specific fit that eliminates pack bounce. Improved harness ergonomics to eliminate interference with arm swing and softer next-to-skin materials reduce chafe and irritation.

What Makes It Unique
Deeper and wider accessory pockets provide better access to electronics and a new hose management system using a magnetic harness clip improves hydration efficiency. A WeatherShield pocket also provides water and sweat protection for your mobile devices.

Manufacturer: Gregory Mountain Products
Product Name: Men’s Tempo and Women’s Pace Trail Running Backpacks
MSRP: Varies

gregory tempo backpack

Gregory Tempo Backpack’s new design eliminates more pack bounce than ever before

gregory tempo backpack

All Gregory Tempo Backpack’s come equipped hydration capabilities


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