Grand Trunk Collapsible Micro Camping Stool

The Grand Trunk Collapsible Micro Camping Stool is a small but mighty micro stool. Small as it is, it can actually support 250 pounds. In addition to a nice place to sit, you have a place to store gear as well. It’s really popular with a lot of different people; obviously campers, and it’s great by the campfire when you’re cooking. It’s also popular with kayakers because this thing packs up real small and light. And then beyond that it’s even popular with the Frisbee golfers. It just breaks apart and folds down and goes into its own sack. It can go just about anywhere you do, unnoticed until you need it. You’ll be mighty happy you have it with you.

Manufacturer: Grand Trunk
Product Name: Collapsible Micro Camping Stool

Collapsible Micro Camping Stool

Collapsible Micro Camping Stool





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