Gear of the Year Awards 2016: ESPRO Travel Press

The Camping Authority Announces Annual Gear Award for the ESPRO Travel Press.

There are members of the 50 Campfires team to whom GOOD coffee is as essential to the camping experience as … well … the campfire. We rallied and demanded the ESPRO Travel Press be included among this year’s Gear of the Year award recipients.

It creates real French press coffee inside its own insulated, sealable travel mug. And it does it anywhere – from inside your tent at the campground, to the wildest most remote campsite on earth, to your seat on the computer train. For those of us so addicted, the only thing it’s lacking is an intravenous hose attachment so we could just channel the java straight to our circulatory systems!

Of course, there are those who prefer a pour-over style brew, but the ESPRO Travel Press covers those of that inclination, too. Their patented system offers the option of a paper filter to be inserted between the two press filters. They absorb the oils and remove additional solids the two micro-filters alone allow to pass through.

Oh – and for those who feel the same way about tea? The ESPRO Travel Press delivers your daily delight, too.


ESPRO Travel Press

ESPRO Travel Press