SOG Base Camp Axe

Gear of the Year Awards 2015: SOG Base Camp Axe

When you venture out to commune with Mother Nature, whether to set up base camp or hike a miles-long trail, a dependable hatchet is a must-have tool for everything from getting a fire started to surviving a disaster scenario. With a history that stretches back to the Vietnam war and a knife used by the highly classified special forces unit known as MACV-SOG, SOG knives has worked to design and create gear, knives and tools of the highest quality, distinction and value–delivering what consumers need in a product that you can trust for your camping and outdoor needs.

The Base Camp Axe, a simply designed but still dependable one-hand axe from SOG, is no exception. The Base Camp Axe features a high-strength forged head with a flat back for hammering, an elegant ergonomic design, cutouts to decrease friction while chopping, and full-tang construction to increase sturdiness. With a thermal molded rubber grip, the Base Camp Axe’s blade is constructed from high quality 1055C steel, great for holding an edge that can split wood, shred tinder, or process game.  The Base Camp Axe is 16” long, and weighs in at 33 oz., the perfect weight to throw in your pack or clip to your belt.

Price: $80.00


2015 Gear of the Year

SOG Base Camp Axe


SOG Base Camp Axe