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Gear of the Year Awards 2015: RinseKit

Weekend warriors get dirty, and so do their kids. Whether it’s mountain biking or backwoods hiking, going all out often means mud. At the campsite you’re left with very few options to clean up. Sure, you can use a gallon jug of water, but it’s wasteful and what you really need is a pressurized nozzle on a hose.

RinseKit is a small container that holds two gallons of pressurized water. It doesn’t require any power, and holds pressure for up to a month. This is accomplished by the brilliant simplicity of a rubber bladder inside the unit. When you fill it up with a hose it expands, creating 65 psi of pressure and the ability to spray for a full four minutes. The sprayer has seven different settings and the unit can be fill up with either hot or cold water. If you live in an apartment and don’t have a hose, no worries, they sell a hot water adaptor for your kitchen sink for $10. It fills up in about 20 seconds, and weighs 24 pounds when full. Trust us, it will be a lifesaver and seat saver when Fido defiantly rolls in the mud … or worse … on a hot afternoon.

Price: $89.99








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