iPro Lens System

Gear of the Year Awards 2015: iPro Lens System 6/6S Starter Kit


iPro Lens System 6/6S Starter Kit

If you’re going to a campsite for the weekend, one of the last things you want is extra gear and extra weight to carry around. If you’re a photographer you’ll sacrifice a little weight and convenience to carry your good camera with a couple extra lenses, but what if you could take the camera you already have on your phone and bring the quality and lens options to truly professional level?

The iPro Lens System is more than a phone case. It offers secure protection from drops and dings, but it also has an open face to allow the user to apply their own glass protection. The sides of the case feature 3 metal threads for attaching the phone to a tripod and have another ¼-20 thread to attach a light or external microphone when doing video.

But the best part of the case is the lens system. Different from many cases with magnetic lens systems that can slip or produce blurry or un-centered photos, the iPro Lens system offers a bayonet mount that is similar to DSLRs and professional mirrorless cameras. Put the lens into the slot and twist to the right and your lens will be secure and centered every time.

Choose one or all five of their Schneider Optics lenses, which include telephoto, macro, wide angle, super wide angle, and fisheye. One of the best parts of these lenses is how they nest together to form a handle that fits the ¼-20 thread on the case. Screw this handle grip into the case for more stable video or photo capture.

The idea behind the iPro Lens is not to offer you another camera, but to enhance the one you already have. If you’re a professional photographer or just a mom capturing the family camping trip, the iPro Lens system will make those photos shine.

Price: $84.00