Point6 Merino Wool Socks

Gear of the Year Awards 2015: Point6 Merino Wool Socks

Experienced outdoors folks of every flavor know a secret. One of the best pick-me-ups you can carry in your daypack is a dry pair of merino wool socks to change out at lunchtime. On a cold, wet day those socks do nearly as much for your attitude as a cheery campfire. But even on a warm day, dry socks on your feet just plain make you feel better all over. They’ll put a bounce back into your step no matter how demanding the terrain ahead.

So you need at least two pair of merino wool socks in your outdoor essentials. You’ll not find any better than the Point6 lineup. Based out of Steamboat Springs, Colorado they offer a wide variety of styles to cover the entire range of your outdoor adventures. Sport specific cushioning, anatomical fit, and 100 percent compact spun merino wool provide comfort in the most extreme conditions—so imagine how good they’ll feel on the bunny hill, around the campsite, or even just in the concrete jungle every day!

At the core of Point6 technology is the compact spun yarn. It results in more merino fibers per inch and creates luxuriously soft socks that are never scratchy, itchy, or bulky. Compact spun yarns are the most durable merino on the market that greatly reduces loose fibers that cause pilling and wear. Point6 engineers precise anatomical fit for sport specific products that are comfortable and itch-free without bulk.

That’s the real beauty of Point6 Merino Wool Socks. They are the ultimate crossover gear – perfect in the outdoors to whatever level of “extreme” you decide to take your adventures, yet just as comfortable, versatile, and tootsie-soothing in every day wear even if – God forbid—you have to put on a necktie.

Guaranteed, once you try your first couple of pair of Point6 Merino Wool Socks, you won’t stop at just two pair! They’ll fill your outdoor and every day sock trousseau.

Price: $14.95-$24.95


Point6 Merino Wool Socks


Point6 Merino Wool Socks

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Point6 Merino Wool Socks