Mountain House Dehydrated Entrees

Gear of the Year Awards 2015: Mountain House Dehydrated Entrees

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Mountain House Dehydrated Entrees

Sometimes, when we’re camping, the last thing we want to worry about is cooking a hot meal for our friends and family. There are times when we get done with a long day of outdoor fun and we just want to sit down for dinner and not have to worry about planning and preparing a feast from scratch. Mountain House, a company that traces its roots to meals made for US Special Forces nearly 50 years ago, has fueled expeditions from the bottom of the ocean to the peak of Everest. We love their dehydrated entrees for those times you need to fill hungry bellies, but don’t have the time or pack space for a 5-course gourmet meal.

Mountain House’s entrees come in a huge range of flavors and styles, ranging from classics like Chili Mac and Beef to more exotic fare like Chicken Teriyaki. Mountain House’s pouch meals come in two main varieties, regular and Pro-Pak, and
both feature a 12+ year taste guarantee, ensuring that you’ll love your meal. For those campers planning high altitude expeditions, Mountain House Pro-Paks are vacuum-sealed, providing a compact option that won’t expand at altitude.

Also a great option for emergency preparedness and survival situations, Mountain House meals can be a lifesaver during emergencies like storms or power outages. Available in airtight #10 cans, Mountain House meals are packaged with protective enamel coating for double protection. With 98% of the residual oxygen removed, Mountain House meals even meet U.S. Military specifications, and have the longest shelf life available, providing you a secure food option for 25 years.  While we had our doubts about the taste of a 25-year-old meal, Mountain House is a company that has been around for almost half a century, and has had the opportunity to test their archived products, guaranteeing a time-safe meal with taste you can trust.

Price: $6.29 – $41.99