Leatherman Tread

Gear of the Year Awards 2015: Leatherman Tread

There are few names more common on lists of everyday carry gear than Leatherman, and it’s not hard to understand why. The brand has long been synonymous with quality, dependability and adaptability; yet not every situation calls for, or allows, a full multi-tool.

Benjamin Rivera, Leatherman’s president, realized this while on a trip to Disneyland. “I was stopped at the gate by security for carrying what they thought was a knife, when what they had actually seen was my Leatherman Skeletool,” said Rivera. “I was unwilling to give it up, so they made me take it all the way back to my hotel room. I knew there had to be another way to carry my tools with me that would be accepted by security.”

And so, the idea behind the Leatherman Tread was born.  The Tread was created to be a travel friendly, stylish collection of interchangeable links, worn as a bracelet, with each link designed to offer a variety of tools allowing the user to solve everyday problems or respond to critical situations.

Whether your day calls for fixing up things around the house or highly specialized tasks, odds are that the Tread has the tool you’re going to need when you find yourself in a pinch. Crafted of high strength, corrosion resistant 17-4 stainless steel links that include two to three functional tools each, the Leatherman Tread has a total of 29 usable features like box wrenches and screwdrivers available at a moment’s notice. Created to be fully customizable with slotted fasteners, Tread users can rearrange links, add new ones, or adjust for wrist size in quarter-inch increments. Even the clasp is functional with a bottle opener, ¼-inch socket drive, and #2 square drive. Other link tools include a cutting hook, hex drives, screwdrivers, box wrenches, and a carbide glass breaker. The Tread is available in stainless steel or black finish.

Price: $165.00



Leatherman Tread


Leatherman Tread


Leatherman Tread


Leatherman Tread


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