Kid-O-Bunk by Disc-O-Bed

Gear of the Year Awards 2015: Kid-O-Bunk by Disc-O-Bed

Last summer, we fell in love with the Disc-O-Bed–a full size, bunk cot system that’s become a staple of our car camping adventures. This past summer, when we were introduced to its smaller counterpart the Kid-O-Bed, we knew that they had a winner.

We love coming across a piece of camping gear that’s just as functional at home as it is in the tent. The Kid-O-Bunk transports easily in a full-zip carrying case that stacks perfectly in the trunk. Equally, when not being hauled to the campsite, the case slides perfectly under beds and creates a perfect pop-up sleepover solution at home. We love the fact that these beds go together without tools, and can easily be assembled by the kids that they’re designed for.

Each of the two included beds has a weight limit of 200 pounds, making them perfect for just about any child ages 7-12. They’re available in two fun colors, with an anti-rust steel frame at the core. While many cots rely on a center beam for stability, the Kid-O-Beds sling the easy-to-wash, high-grade polyester deck between two side bars. This creates a contoured sling that makes for a great night of sleep.

Enhanced by the fact that they don’t need to be set up in pairs, the Kid-O-Bunk can easily serve as a single cot if that’s all that’s needed for the night out. Along the side of the cots run two matching organizers, providing an ideal space to store flashlights, water bottles – or in our experience – walkie-talkies.

Every time we use the Kid-O-Bunks we fall in love with them even more; they’re built rock solid, and we don’t think it’s a stretch to imagine them becoming an heirloom piece in our camping collection.

Price: $289.99

Kid-O-Bunk packed up

Kid-O-Bunk by Disc-O-Bed packed up


Kid-O-Bunk by Disc-O-Bed