Gerber Freescape Camp Kitchen Kit

Gear of the Year Awards 2015: Gerber Freescape Camp Kitchen Kit

The last thing you want to do before your next camping trip is go through your kitchen drawer trying to find knives, cutting boards, sharpeners, and other kitchen gear for your trip.

Stop the madness! A this kitchen set to your camp box.

2015 Gear of the Year

Gerber Freescape Camp Kitchen Kit

The Gerber Freescape Camp Kitchen Kit is a major upgrade to any camp kitchen, and makes food prep in camp a whole lot easier. The kit includes the kitchen inspired Gerber Freescape chopping and paring knives inside a carrying case that doubles as a cutting board. The Freescape knives are held safely and securely in the slide-out drawer that also houses a ceramic sharpener and storage for utensils.

The quality of the knives really make for an excellent value in this kit. The 4-inch santoku blade has a full tang and feels very sturdy in the hand. The hand feel is perfect, and it doesn’t slide around. The cutting board has a drip channel, and the case has a built-in pull through sharpener. It’s a big upgrade from trying to prepare food with your multi-tool.

What you get in the kit: cutting board, ceramic sharpener, locking drawer with knife retention, carrying handle, camp kitchen knife, paring knife. Everything stores neatly in the kit and is dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze in camp or at home.

Price: $88.00