Fjallraven Abisko Trouser

Gear of the Year Awards 2015: Fjallraven Abisko Trouser

These might be the last pair of pants you’ll ever need to buy. Fjallraven prides itself in extremely high quality and durable materials that will make your clothes last a very long time. These Abisko Trousers are their technical trekking pants that provide a lot of stretch while maintaining the durability that Fjallraven is known for. With their waxed G-1000 material and reinforced rear, knees and leg endings, these pants can take just about anything Mother Nature throws at you.

The seat and knees are pre-shaped to provide a comfortable fit, while a higher cut back waist provides protection while wearing a pack. Other features include zippered hand pockets low enough to be accessed while wearing a hip belt. There are pockets on a leg flap and a smaller mesh pocket on the inside. These pants have plenty of compartments for your electronics and any other small items you’ll need to carry with you to and from the campsite. If you want them fitted, each pair comes in a raw length for easy tailoring.

We have experience with Fjallraven pants here at 50 Campfires and can personally testify to their comfort and durability. From outstanding fit and feel to the toughness and the number and placement of pockets we cannot recommend these pants enough. If you can swallow the price tag you won’t regret the years of life you’ll get out of them.

Price: $191.60



Fjallraven Abisko Trouser


Fjallraven Abisko Trouser