Fontainebleau State Park – Mandeville, LA

Fontainebleau State Park contains the ruins of an old sugar mill that was built in 1829. Bernard de Marigny de Mandeville founded and named the town after himself, and became very wealthy in the process. The park still contains ruins from the actual sugar mills. He named his property Fontainebleau, after a forest near Paris that was enjoyed by French Kings. How regal!

Today the 2,800-acre park sits on the north shore of the massive Lake Pontchartrain. The beach is of fair size and is full of people on any day the sun is shining. The park has trails for cycling, hiking, and in-line skating. There are also shorter nature trails that provide excellent bird watching opportunities.

Reservable Facilities in the park include camping and premium RV sites as well as two other interesting options. The park is known for its deluxe cabins that sit on piers high above the waters of Lake Pontchartrain. Each one includes stairs leading down to a small deck on the water, making it easy to hop in a canoe or kayak for the afternoon.

If you have a larger group (up to 10) you’ll want to look into the Fontainebleau State Park Lodge. This historic lodge is on the north side of the park in a very secluded location. Be sure to watch our review of the lodge here.