gearaid seam grip

Fix Your Camping Gear With The GearAid Seam Grip

Ever been out camping and all of a sudden your tent rips or your sleeping bag breaks? We have. It is not fun. We now carry the GearAid Seam Grip in our camping box as a great repair kit in a tube. It really can fix almost anything around camp. What makes it so versatile is that it works on all types of fabrics and surfaces, including neoprene, PVC, rubber, leather, vinyl and synthetics. Plus it goes above and beyond just patching holes, it also waterproofs, improves traction and offers abrasion resistance.

We seriously can’t imagine heading out camping with out knowing we have Seam Grip in our camp box. The ability to save your gear and repair something at the moment you need it out the woods is priceless.

Price: $7.25

From The Manufacturer

  • Urethane based seam sealer and repair adhesive
  • Permanently seals seams and repairs rips, tears and holes in outdoor gear
  • Editors€™ Choice Gold Award from Backpacker Magazine
  • Flexible, waterproof formula is unaffected by extreme cold or heat
  • Safe for use on natural and synthetic fabrics
  • Excellent adhesion and abrasion resistance