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Fireside Outdoor Pop Up Fire Pit: Review

The Fireside Outdoor Pop Up Fire Pit gets it right.

I’ve tested a lot of portable firepits over the years for 50 Campfires, and I’m always looking for three things. First, they have to be easy to set up and transport. Second, they have to be big enough to have a good-sized fire. And last, there needs to be heat protection, so they don’t scorch the grass underneath.

The Fireside Outdoor Pop Up Pit does all of these things well, and I was quite impressed with it. Let’s go through those three criteria in more detail.

Easy to set up

The Fireside Outdoor Pop Up Fire Pit comes in a small carrying case and only weighs 7.5 lbs. Setting it up took me about 90 seconds, and it’s very intuitive. Packing it up is easy too. I disassembled it, rolled it up, secured it with the velcro straps, and slid it into the carrying case. It takes up very little space in the car and fits just about anywhere.

Big enough for a legit fire

I was happy with the size. 2′ x 2′ is plenty of space to have a good-sized fire that will kick out some real heat. The stainless steel mesh has several benefits that I liked. First, it allows for excellent airflow, which means that the fire will burn hotter and with less smoke. Second, the mesh is taut, but it dips slightly toward the middle. It’s not much, but it’s enough to keep the coal bed concentrated in the center. I wasn’t worried about coals rolling around where they’re not supposed to be.

Heat protection

portable fire pitThe heat shield is effective. I had a fire going for about two hours and the ground beneath was cold the entire time. I’ll admit that I wondered whether or not the stainless steel mesh would hold all of the coals in, but it did. It’s a tight weave, and nothing fell through at all. The ability to comfortably have a fire on a gorgeous lawn is a big win in my books. It’s a bummer to wake up the next day to find a dead patch of grass caused by the enjoyable fire you had the previous evening. If you want to preserve your beautiful lawn, you’ll want to pick up the heat shield as well.

portable fire pitI also tested the Tri-Fold Grates for cooking. Attaching them is a snap, and there is enough space to cook dinner for 4-6 people. It was easy to slide the coals around on the stainless steel mesh to create cooking zones of various temperatures. After dinner, I put some leather gloves on, removed them, and tossed a few more logs on the fire.

Honestly, there isn’t anything I don’t like about the Fireside Outdoor Pop Up Fire Pit. I think $99 is a fair price for a lightweight, portable firepit, that can be set up in under two minutes. A nice fire is welcome at any outdoor gathering, but it’s not always easy to do. The Fireside Outdoor Pop Up Fire Pit offers an excellent, leave no trace option that few others can. Two thumbs up from me.

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