Roadside Challenge : Death Valley [VIDEO]

It’s already become a highly-anticipated feature of every 50 Campfires Field Trip, and the guys have sampled some pretty unusual regional delicacies – boiled Cajun peanuts and pickled quail eggs in Mississippi, lobster ice cream and brown bread in Maine, and more.

Here’s the challenge. Nick or Clint walks into a roadside convenience store, café, or attraction and comes out with a food or beverage neither of them has ever tasted. It’s supposed to cost two bucks or less, but sometimes that has to get stretched a bit for something “really good”(???). Then they give it an on-the-spot taste test.

At the doors of Death Valley, the convenience store pickin’s are pretty slim and the selection of food stuffs even slimmer. But in the end, they managed to come up with some doozies. Watch them sample space punch, mint soda, sour cream and onion crickets, buffalo wing soda, and peanut butter and jelly soda.

Which $2 foods and which roadside attractions got thumbs up and thumbs down from the boys? There’s only one way to find out.


Nick shows off sour cream and onion deep fried crickets they are about to taste test.
A toast to mint soda and space punch before they go down the hatch on the roadside food challenge.
Clint was not impressed with Buffalo Wing soda in the Roadside Food Challenge