Our Favorite Water Filter For Road Tripping

Bottled water is expensive and unnecessary.

However, on a road trip, people buy it because there frankly aren’t any other options. What are you going to do? Shove your head under the bathroom faucet? Trust the public well water on the side of the road? This is where LifeStraw comes in.

People tend to think of water filtration as something that is reserved for backcountry camping, or maybe disaster scenarios. The reality is that you can benefit from a water filter in your everyday life. When we were traveling through the Mojave Desert, the LifesStraw Universal and LifeStraw Mission made it easy to have safe drinking water the entire time, with the added benefit of saving money.

Even though the water is “probably” safe in a gas station bathroom, most people wouldn’t just fill up a water bottle. The LifeStraw Universal makes this a snap because it’s an adaptor kit. It attaches to most water bottles on the market, making it easy for me to use my good ol’ Nalgene bottle from college.

The LifeStraw Mission came in handy for filtering larger amounts of water for cooking and also to have for longer drives through Death Valley. There were times when we didn’t see a soul for hours. In these situations, it was great to have a few extra gallons in the trunk to refill our water bottles. There’s nothing worse than being dehydrated in middle of a hot desert.

Next time you hit the highway with your crew, pick up the LifeStraw Universal kit and screw it into your favorite water bottle. I think you’ll appreciate the extra level of protection when you’re out there globetrotting.