ENO Hammocks Moonshine Lantern Overview

Overview: Eagles Nest Outfitters started with two brothers wanting to enjoy a laid-back lifestyle. They decided to start making hammocks out of their van, and now ENO is one of the most popular hammock manufactures. This ENO Hammocks Moonshine Lantern is perfect for laying out in your hammock and lighting up the night!

What Makes It Unique: The Eno Hammocks Moonshine Lantern comes in four different colors; blue, green, purple and red. It has different settings depending on how you feel like using it. The bright setting shines at 60 lumens, the dim setting saves on the batteries in case you are out for a long trip, the color setting of course, and than a disco setting in case you want to get a little funky out in the Great Outdoors!

Manufacturer: Eagles Nest Outfitters
Product Name: Hammock Moonshine Lantern

eno hammocks moonshine hanging lantern

ENO Hammocks Moonshine Lantern

ENO Hammock Moonshine Lantern

ENO Hammocks Moonshine Lantern