Ascent Solar Kickr II

EnerPlex Kickr II Flexible Solar Panel

Ascent Solar is a pioneer in the development of flexible solar on plastic and has brought that technology to consumer products. There solar systems are flexible and durable allowing a car to drive over the top with out damaging the panel. EnerPlex represents the consumer side of Ascent Solar and has transformed the CIGS technology into products which consumers use everyday. This solar power technology allows you to stay powered on the go. The portable EnerPlex Kickr II solar panel has enough power to charge most smart phones in under three hours. It is USB enabled allowing it to easily plug in to most devices for a quick charge. The unit easily folds into a small and portable square, making transportation effortless. It is perfect for that person who lives on the go because it is compact enough to fit easily on a backpack or tent.

From the manufacturer:
With an industry leading 11.4% conversion efficiency, Ascent’s solar modules provide the greatest power density and best power to weight ratio available on any solar form factor. These high efficency modules allow EnerPlex products to provide a robust and mobile charging solution in any environment.